biix is a major advancement in building information technology

Building Intelligence & Information eXchange


instant Access

Imagine leaving behind the frustration of finding information in buildings.

Find anything, from anywhere. 


Powerful search engine for buildings.

Seamless integrations with Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Tridium Niagara, and more.


Smarter building, smarter you

With a simple touch, you can pull up building design, operation and maintenance information.

It's all right there.

biix is an enterprise Level Information Management System (eLIM)

biix provides you with many ways - not just one way - to get to your document or information

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biix removes a major pain point: long delays to find what you need

biix integrates your design, construction & facility information

Designed for Government Agencies, Public Works Departments, Facility Directors

  • Save time on Work Orders.

  • Stop wasteful trips trying to find what you need.

  • Effortlessly locate information across your entire portfolio.

  • Integrate your BMS, Sequences of Operations and 1-lines.

  • Easily upload and find files, documents and reports.

  • Quickly refer to as-builts and design criteria.

  • Instantly pull up reports, studies, asset lists, valve charts.

  • Provide essential information to designers & consultants.

  • Cohesively merge your existing file management systems.

  • Integrate information across a wide variety of systems.

  • Launch fast searches from your mobile device.

biix searches across sets of decentralized information sources...

which empowers biix to effortlessly bring all of your information into one place - your fingertips!

"Data is what's important to engineers. Information is what's important to the rest of us." 

- Mark Walter, cofounder/CEO

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  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP)

  • O&M Documentation, Design Data

  • Chiller/Boiler Plants, AHUs, VAVs, Hoods

  • Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB)

  • Lighting Control, ATS, UPS, Generators

  • Fire Alarm/Life Safety, Access & Security

  • Specialty Systems, Med Gases, Data Centers, Hospitals

  • Commissioning, TAB Reports, Energy Studies

  • Valve schedules, control sequences, 1-lines, SOPs, Emergency Procedures

  • Manage workflows, integrate Daily Rounds or Annual PMs

  • Contact lists, warranty information, IOMs

  • Significantly improve project close-out and turnover


PROJECTS/CONTRACTING: Are you a contractor trying to keep track of hundreds or thousands of documents? biix helps you stay organized, and helps make sure that you meet the project's information/documentation deliverable requirements.

CLOSE-OUT: Are you responsible for commissioning and close-out, trying to have an effective turnover process? biix tags documents, and tracks specification requirements.

MANAGING & OPERATING: Are you a building or facility manager, who can't instantly find the information you need? biix gives you multiple methods to get to your information... NOW. 


instead of just one way to find your information


biix gives you many ways to get to the same document

Virtual Tours

Smart Tags, mounted on assets

Associating information with individual assets

Embedded links for fast shortcuts

Interactive work flows and documents

Familiar navigation trees

Extensive use of document tags

Integrations with cloud-based storage

BMS & similar systems integrations

Beautiful interfaces

Intuitive user experiences

biix is thoughtfully designed to get you to what you need - quicker & easier

biix: the world’s first search engine for buildings

Information in buildings is growing.

Rapid location of information is critical.

It’s become essential that you have a way to manage and quickly find your information.


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building intelligence & information eXchange

building - we are building information, together.

Intelligence - smarter building, smarter you.

Information - simple, easy and intuitive.

eXchange - practical interoperable information solutions.