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The biix pricing model is a monthly fee per building, plus a minimum setup fee. biix allows unlimited users. biix software services can either be cloud-based or stationed behind your firewall.

  • Monthly fee of $199 per building, with a reduced rate for paying annually in advance (one month discount). 
  • $2500 minimum setup fee. Setup fees for complex facilities (hospitals, data centers, etc.) can run $30,000+. 
  • We do not charge on a 'per seat' basis. We currently offer unlimited seats and hope to continue indefinitely.


  • Virtual tours, smartTags - biix provides powerful visualization and accessibility technologies.
  • Daily Rounds and/or PM forms - and similar work flow software - are database-driven. Optimized for mobile.

Generally speaking, schools tend to be on the low end of our pricing. Office buildings are in the low to moderate realm. Square footage is a factor in the setup fee. Basically, the larger the building, or the more documentation, or the more assets - the higher the setup fee.

Efficient Input

biix utilizes a great deal of 'drag & drop' technology to populate our information sources. This keeps costs down, and helps account for a reasonable pricing structure. Instead of one huge product, biix utilizes a series of decentralized information sources. This also helps control costs. Our goal is for biix to remain lean, smart, useful and affordable.

biix gives you many easy ways to find your information. just click.


Considerations in Deploying biix

Paybacks: Paybacks can be projected based on labor savings, with the idea being that you can find what you're looking for - far faster. We don't find paybacks to be a real driver, however. Most of our clients tell us that simply being able to quickly find things is the main factor in a purchase. And knowing that everything is in one place. 

Efficiency: Property managers like that they can easily find a list of assets or a set of emergency operating procedures. O&M teams are thrilled at having drawings, sequences of operation, and PM information at their fingertips - instead of having to return to the shop and dig through unorganized or missing files. 

Coordination: Even outside vendors find the value. For example, if you're doing an energy study, the energy engineer will save a lot of time (and your money) in their due diligence phase - simply because they aren't spending days or even weeks attempting to find the information they need to setup their baselines. Similarly, BMS/controls contractors can link their graphics to important building information that is normally not available to them.

Additional Coordination Benefits

General Contractors: If you have one General Contractor (GC) doing the shell construction and another GC performing tenant build-outs, biix shines. Because we gather information from all your contractors, consultants and construction managers, and then put it all in one place. Documentation becomes part of the facility's on-going history.

Close-Out: Closing out a project often presents significant challenges. And there are also the increasing documentation demands required by Whole Building Commissioning efforts. To better manage this process. biix can provide automated work flows and task lists to more efficiently coordinate close-out.

Transfer of Knowledge

biix helps overcome what we call 'effective transfer of institutional knowledge.' If a building gets sold, or someone retires, or a new facilities team takes over - a huge portion of the building's knowledge-base becomes preserved in software by using biix. And future learning curves become measurably lower. biix adds value to your building.


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