biix is not a data solution. It's an information solution.

We are on a mission...

to open up information in buildings.

biix is the world's first search engine for buildings


Our Story

We are relentless in our pursuit of opening up information in buildings. It's just too hard to find what you need. So we set out to develop the world's first asset information system for buildings.

It all started with a single question: "How do you find something in a building?"

We've been asking this question - and watching people wrestle with trying to solve it - for years, decades really.

You know the drill. We've all been there:

  1. It's the crazy amount of time that it can take just to find a drawing, a warranty date, some simple nameplate data, or an as-built drawing.
  2. It could be training manuals buried in the basement somewhere, or an asset hidden above a ceiling, or maybe piles of blueprints stacked in an old dusty storage closet. 
  3. It often takes take hours. Or, you may not find it at all.

Until biix.

Building Intelligence & Information eXchange

Everything in One Place

When you experience biix for the first time, you'll smile. It's that easy.

Little to no training required. And we can help you get set-up fast!

Virtual Tours

Glide through virtual tours. Expose what's above hidden ceilings. Rapidly find locations of assets, piping, duct and conduit.

Saves Time, Money & Energy

Real-time and always ON accessible. Makes it easy to save time on work orders, or to see what's happening NOW. 


biix is cloud-based, but can easily be installed behind your firewalls on your secure intranet. 

Instant Access

Instant Access to facility design, construction, operation & maintenance information.

biix can save hours per work order, because everything is at your fingertips.

 - Drag & Drop and optional integration with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive -  Populating & managing biix is easy!


Compelling Visualization Tools make it easy to search across systems, buildings and portfolios

Normalized Information

The biix SEARCH tool allows you to query across your entire portfolio. And the information biix brings back is 'normalized' - easy-to-read PDFs and documents (versus tables of data).

Click & Go

Click, and your documentation is right there. INSTANTLY. No more digging through old blueprints in the basement, dusty CDs, or tons of 3-ring binders. 

Integrations, Asset Depreciation

Expanded third-party integration is coming, along with real-time data, including integration of asset depreciation with the finance department. (COMING SOON)


biix changes the game, and a lot of people are noticing!

biix is amazing… it will make maintenance so much easier.” – Director of Facilities, major Silicon Valley software firm, a biix beta tester

We want to deploy biix in our worldwide facilities. biix will help us accomplish our [new O&M] strategy which we are rolling out over the next five years.” — Director of Facilities, (Confidential Federal Client)

“Any high tech firm would be crazy not to use biix." - Director of Facilities, major pharmaceutical

“biix is exactly what we need in our own offices in Sacramento. And the Department of General Services needs it too.” - Chester “Chet” Widom, California's State Architect

"There is really something new going on here (with biix)." Anonymous REIT

"Wow! We need this in our engineering and commissioning practices." Large west coast engineering firm

"Far better than comparable products from Autodesk, because things are so much easier to find." - Major general contractor

 Shown: documents, sequences, live data, design data associated with this particular asset (VAV-2).

Shown: documents, sequences, live data, design data associated with this particular asset (VAV-2).

Representative early users and customers