biix delivers... easy, instant access to information in buildings!


biix is full life cycle

Cloud-based software that gets you to your building information right now. biix can handle documentation from design to operations & maintenance (O&M) - the entire building life cycle.


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biix is instant access

You know all that stuff you need now, but can never find? Or it takes hours of searching? Not any more! Just click and you have what you need - right now!



Smarter Building, Smarter You

biix believes that the smartest part of a Smart Building is you. So, we help make things easier for you. And biix is designed to be an unobtrusive tool for property managers, too, including integration with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more.

biix is a major advance in building information technology

Get the instant information you've been wanting, with biix. With a simple touch, you can pull up building design, operation and maintenance information. And so much more. And it's all associated to individual assets.

  • Simple, intuitive interfaces
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Need little to no training
  • Multi-browser compatible
  • Virtual reality tours (optional)

You'll get the idea quick.

Just click on a video below.


biix makes it simple and easy with intuitive navigation,

smartTags and virtual tours



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