Commissioning First

Commissioning First

biix, Inc. believes in the fundamental value of commissioning, hence our slogan 'commissioning first'. 

Smart buildings, smart energy, and participation in the Internet of Things begins with commissioning. At its simplest, commissioning is a complete inventory of building systems and components accompanied by testing and validation of the operation of each system. Any problems and sub-optimal operation are documented as system issues. biix provides the tools for standards-based, repeatable commissioning.

biix believes in full life-cycle commissioning, beginning in design and construction and continuing through the life of the building. By overcoming silos of information, biix becomes an enabling technology - empowering unimaginably greater energy efficient buildings.

The vital role of commissioning

Commissioning tells you those things you should know about your new building if the ideal BIM-based business processes were followed. Commissioning audits and validates the best BIM-based processes. Commissioning has been identified by the US Green Building Council and others as an essential first step. The practice of new building commissioning is rapidly growing. 

Based on commissioning, the owner can develop a financial plan. Based on commissioning, the facility manager can prepare a maintenance management strategy. Based on commissioning, the energy manager can determine effective and economic building operations. Based on commissioning, the owner can develop plans for capital renewal. 

Simple, Intuitive & Easy!

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New and existing buildings

biix can prepare an existing building to meet the new standards, to collaborate with the enterprise, and to participate in new interactions through retro-commissioning. Retro-commissioning names the process discovery, cataloging, and testing of systems in an existing building. Retro-commissioning is held back only by expense and by quality control. biix addresses both issues.

Hundreds of Ready-Made Tests --- Easy to Customize --- Fully Editable --- Stand-Alone or Sync to biix


Our Cx Firsts

Together with our partner firm, Virtual Commissioning, biix is a leader in cloud-based commissioning.

  • First Certified Building Commissioning Firm (CBCF) in the United States
  • We invented the term 'Cx 2.0' in 2011, and presented to the National Conference on Building Commissioning (NCBC) in 2012.
  • We released our first cloud-based software tool, VirtualCx, in 2009. It is now called Building gurU.
  • Sponsor the largest commissioning blog and Cx Twitter feed in the US.
  • biix is the first open-standards, COBie compatible commissioning platform in the world.

Cx 2.0

We coined the phrase Cx 2.0 in 2011, and came up with a list of attributes which help describe the initiative. Cx 2.0 does not replace the current commissioning process. Rather, it places an emphasis on the user - who is defined as anyone involved in or affected by commissioning.

The Attributes of Cx 2.0

  1. Cx 2.0 focuses on the user experience. It suggests that Cx 1.0, the model that has brought us to where we are today, needs to have an improved user interface. Cx 2.0 engages people in a way that doesn't just say they are a part of the commissioning team - it genuinely makes them a true team member. Cx 2.0 realizes that people work, think and live in ways that are becoming increasingly collaborative. 
  2. Cx 2.0 takes commissioning to the so-called 'next level', which is defined as creating a long-term value for the owner. Cx 2.0 is a true cradle-to-grave concept, demonstrating measurable value during design, construction and occupancy. It's value is measured over the entire life cycle of the building.
  3. Cx 2.0 encourages all commissioning activities to improve their sustainable footprint.
  4. Cx 2.0 provides the owner with an easy, at-a-glance way to manage the commissioning process, even if they have no commissioning experience.
  5. Cx 2.0 is cloud-based. Whether it's an easy-to-use dashboard, or a navigation tool to easily find a document or the status of an issue - everything is in one place. And Cx 2.0 always endeavors to utilize a clear and simple layout that can readily be used by anyone, regardless of experience. Cx 2.0 helps lower costs.


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biix for Commissioning... practical, useful, easy-to-get building information!

How biix helps with commissioning

  • biix products have cloud-based tablet-centric commissioning as their basis. 
  • biix reduces the cost of commissioning by making it faster, easier and more consistent.
  • biix commissioning can achieve superior results even with less skilled workers.
  • biix builds on our management team’s long experience with commissioning technically sophisticated buildings to streamline the commissioning process.
  • Commissioning agents using biix can win a larger share of today’s commissioning market even as lower cost expands the retro-commissioning market to those who thought they could not afford it.

Useful Information

Commissioning is only the start of the process. To effectively use commissioning information, that information must be available and useable to building owners and operators. Even as a stand-alone product, biix makes information readily available using the same tablet interfaces and could-based systems used by the commissioning agent. Commissioning information that is locked away cannot provide continuing value to the owner.

Eliminating Silos - Opening Things Up

Commissioning information must not only be available, but useable, and actionable. Too often, today’s commissioning is document centric. Several thousand PDFs, whether on a DVD or on DropBox, is of almost no use. Databases of uncertain format and information are little better. Only biix is committed to standards-based exchanges of XML documents and infosets, making the information usable to many applications.

It all starts with commissioning

Many of the commercial and engineering services offered to building owners, must start with what is essentially commissioning. For example, energy performance contracting begins with an inventory and performance testing. biix will work with these service channels to give biix partners a competitive edge in their markets. When we reduce their costs, we make them more competitive.