biix empowers access to SMART CITY information

Source:  Qognify

Source: Qognify

biix and the Smart City

Our Smart City question

If you had to find some information and had no idea where to look and you also had no idea what it was called, how would you find it?

You’d need biixSEARCH. Smart Search for Smart Cities.


you have Many ways to get to your informatioN with biix smartsearch… not just one path.

biix has many ways to find your information or document. For example, you can start out a bit vague, and then be coaxed to refine your terms.

biix has its own internal web crawler, dedicated to crawling not only biix servers but also searching through a variety of associated decentralized data sources from which we pull information. Of course, your information always remains private and completely owned by you, not us.

biix also knows when changes have been made. For example, perhaps you have a large Dropbox account to manage. biix can detect changes, and then deploy automated best-guess intelligent assessments regarding how to associate the document with our standardized organizational file structure.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find what you need - instantly.

We believe biix is something small and large Smart Cities need.

Article: Smart Buildings, Smart Cities

New York city FAQs

  • 8.4 million residents

  • 1.5 million daily commuters

  • 860,000 buildings

  • 76,000 elevators

  • 6,000 places of worship

  • 186 private universities

  • 1,800 public schools

  • 4,373 buses

  • 6,000 miles of sewer pipes

  • 95 wastewater pumping stations

  • 14 wastewater treatment plant

  • 125 miles of water pipes

  • One billion gallons of water per day

  • 578 miles of coastline

  • 21 ferry piers

  • 11,000 Megawatt-hours of daily electricity

  • 3000 sanitation vehicles

  • 12,000 tons of daily trash

  • 250,.000 city employees

  • 245 miles of rapid transit tracks

  • 472 rapid transit stations

  • 2 major airports

  • 2 major railroad stations

  • 13,000 traffic lights

  • 1.3 million street signs

  • 6,300 miles of streets

  • 81,875 metered parking spaces

  • 12,750 miles of sidewalks

  • 1,700 parks & playgrounds

  • 28,000 acres of parkland

  • 2,000 bridges and tunnels

  • 1.3 million street signs

  • 36,000 police officers

  • 15,000 firefighters, EMTs, paramedics

  • 62 acute care hospitals