biix - more than one way to climb a tree

One of the advantages of biix is the many ways to find your information.

When it comes to traditional file directories, we've always felt it can be hard to find what you're  looking for. Information trees can get confusing and frustrating. You're at the whims of whoever set up the file structure. And often, the same company or the same person does things completely differently on the next project.

Search missions can eat up valuable time. Just think about how it's usually done. Better yet... we'll show you.

Even when you get to the right place, you may need to sort through hundreds of files.




The path to get to what you need can descend many levels. And if you get there, and you're wrong? Start over.

biix organizes intuitively, utilizing just a few main categories.

Simple organization helps makes things easier to find.

biix provides easy access to target-rich file structures. You find what you need - quick.


Each main category is nested.