biix deploys smartTags for buildings

biix tablet, shown with a smartTag

biix tablet, shown with a smartTag

San Francisco - biix deployed smartTags for the first time recently. The main concept behind utilizing smartTags is to provide yet another simple and easy way for building owners and operators to get to their information.

smartTags are rated for indoor/outdoor use. They utilize an adhesive, allowing them to be applied to any surface. smartTags do not use batteries, so they are essentially maintenance free.

In the initial deployment, smartTags are being utilized to call up biix Daily Rounds. Daily Rounds are cloud-based forms designed by biix, and deeply integrated with other information sources that biix manages. smartTags can be utilized to access drawings, SOOs, SOPs, 1-lines, O&M manuals, training videos and asset locations. They can also link to virtual tours, and are ideally suited to getting you to building-related information, fast.

Depicts a smartTag 'calling up' a Daily Rounds form for an AHU.

Depicts a smartTag 'calling up' a menu of 1-line drawings.