Alex Walter earns LEED certification

Alex Walter recently earned his LEED Green Associate certification. Alex's background includes over 10 years performing building commissioning.

Alex is a project manager with biix, whose duties include assisting customers in setting up their systems. He has in-depth experience in building/facility documentation, Building Management Systems (BMS or control systems), as well as building surveys and systems testing/commissioning. With biix, Alex developed the early proof-of-concept prototypes and, more recently, our current demo. 

Commissioning's Best Practices lay at the root of biix software design. That's because commissioning is unique in its breadth and depth of exposure to both the systems within buildings as well as the entire life cycle of a building - starting as early as concept drawings and the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR). With that kind of extensive knowledge, biix is able to distill complex processes down to their fundamental elements, ending up with clean, simple to use design and user interfaces.

Alex's achievement is an indication of the biix team's efforts to stay deeply involved in buildings. Hands-on involvement. Our senior team has compiled over 150 years experience in facilities. Our team also holds new and existing building commissioning certifications, and our sister firm Virtual Commissioning (VirtualCx) was the first commissioning firm in the United States to be awarded the CBCF or Certified Building Commissioning Firm certification. VirtualCx also runs the nation's largest commissioning Twitter feed and blog.

Your building is in seasoned, experienced hands when you use biix.