Report: Recent Conferences and Events

biix has recently attended a few conferences and events around the country. Here are some of our take-aways:

CleanTechOC, Irvine, CA - an annual event that highlights the key technologies and drivers spurring economic growth in the Orange County clean technology industry. Attended by over 400 cleantech entrepreneurs and industry leaders, investors, policy makers, and many others, this is the only annual conference in Orange County dedicated to covering the clean technology space and connecting industry stakeholders throughout the region & state. OUR TAKEAWAY: There are far more tech companies, located in Orange County and focused on facilities and buildings, then anyone realizes. 

Buildings Get A Brain, San Francisco, CA - an exclusive set of the industry’s top thought leaders to tackle the real issues, expose areas for future work, and make connections that will propel the future of intelligent commercial buildings. The summit will have no “audience” and no “speakers.” OUR TAKEAWAY: Everyone is still waiting for something innovative to emerge, something that will "bring it all together." We think that's biix.

The Internet of Things, University of Irvine, CA - What's the impact of IOT on commercial buildings, residential and on business opportunities? OUR TAKEAWAY: There are some deeply disruptive changes coming. To some it will seem a natural evolution, while others will be dismissive of the need and its intrusion. But it's here to stay.

NFMT, Baltimore, MD - Discover new best practices, operational strategies, tricks of the trade, new relationships, fresh ideas and innovative solutions that will help you manage your facilities more productively. OUR TAKEAWAY: Look close at the booths and the companies present, and you will see the beginnings of some extremely powerful new software tools and ideas emerging for buildings.

CleanTech Forum, San Francisco, CA - The largest cleantech conference. Cleantech Meets the Cloud: The Emergence of Cleantech-as-a-Service. Attended by Entrepreneurs, Corporate Venture Capitalists, Venture Investors and Government Leaders. OUR TAKEAWAY: Cleantech is going through some maturing as the low-hanging fruit has all been picked. It's time for even more creative solutions.