What Makes Smart Buildings Smart?

Mark Walter, CEO

Our latest white paper challenges the notion that Smart Buildings are solely reliant on reaping the benefits of 'low-hanging fruit' and the latest energy conservation methods. 

What make a Smart Building smart? The answer to the question is simple: interoperability. Making information available. Freeing it up. Making it easy to find, from anywhere. Cloud-based. But how do we get there?

"We have collectively and consistently placed ROI ahead of human interaction. We are designing systems so complex that people don’t understand them. Energy-saving initiatives focus solely on the bottom line, completely ignoring the ability of executives, employees and vendors to keep up with the growing complexity of buildings. And all of this is occurring against a backdrop of downsizing our workforces while simultaneously demanding increases in productivity."

"When we hand people the tools to help overcome all this complexity, the tools are often useless: they are awkward, counterintuitive and overly complicated. They are not designed for consumers, but are designed for engineers. So, they end up serving the needs of their designers, instead of serving the needs of their end-users."

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