Hill International's Facilities Management Team Gets it Right

For years, our founders have been advocating a more cohesive turn-over process. With decades of commissioning experience, we've learned a thing or two about what works better. One of the key elements to getting the process to 'work better' is not being self-centered. Too often, what works better is what works better for the contractor or vendor. Or alternatively, nothing works nearly as well as promised.

We believe in solutions that work, and that work for everyone. That's a sustainable model. Collaboration also works better. And so does keeping things simple and easy - even when what's being managed is complex.

This provides a little backdrop for why we were so happy to see the following on Hill's website.

“Hill’s Facilities Management services provide clients with the same hands-on management they’ve come to expect from us and extends that conscientious attention to detail beyond the design and construction processes through commissioning, turnover and facility operation.  We help guide clients through the design and construction processes, and then stay on to ensure that the building and its systems operate optimally for years to come,” Bradley explained.
Hill’s FM process commences at the very start of a project, connecting with clients and building relationships with installation contractors, project management teams, designers and manufacturers to ensure the building is fit for its ultimate purpose. This process continues through the construction phase and then helps to ensure a seamless transition to the vital yet often-overlooked facilities management phase.
“The journey and relationships built during the construction phase should not stop when construction is completed,” Bradley said.  “Likewise, a good manager’s relationships are not confined to the project team.  The mark of a truly successful project is one that is a collaboration of all stakeholders, including a building’s facilities managers and its end users.” Bradley described Hill’s FM services as the effective management of an organization, its buildings and assets. MORE >>

The bold emphasis is ours, but the vision is shared. And in our opinion, it not only all starts with commissioning, but commissioning - if performed in a visionary, customer-centric manner - becomes the missing transitional chess piece, a cohesive element that enables all of us on a complete journey in the building, from cradle-to-grave.