Commissioning First

  • It all starts with commissioning, and biix not only recognizes the vital importance of commissioning, but is expanding the vision of commissioning with another industry first - Cx 2.0
  • Cx 2.0 includes a way to measure the effectiveness of commissioning - another first - through biix's five levels of commissioning.
  • You also get hundreds of test forms and templates, both ready-made and blanks. Fully editable.
  • Another first - association by individual-asset. Whether it is design, BIM, construction, TAB, service calls, commissioning or O&M - everything is associated by individual-asset.
Smart buildings, smart energy, and participation in the Internet of Things begins with commissioning. We call that 'Commissioning First' because at its simplest, commissioning is a complete inventory of building systems and components accompanied by testing and validation of the operation of each system. - Toby Considine, CTO

Save Money

  • Cut commissioning costs by up to 50%.
  • Save 2 to 4 hours per work order - by making information available instantly.
  • Provide individual asset depreciation - saving accountancy time, and providing earlier write-down and tax-saving opportunities. Individual asset tracking also means that asset life cycle information is readily available for future planning.

Save More...

Fast, Easy Baselines & Measurement

  • Improved retro-commissioning results. biix instantly provides design & commissioned setpoints, and thus a ready-made baseline for many building systems.
  • Save time on energy and related audits/studies. No more sending teams of engineers to the site for weeks to dig through and try to find the design information you need to get started. Instead, get it instantly by logging on to biix.

... while some things just make life a lot easier

Lightning Fast Response Times

Always Available Convenience


  • You get instant access to information - no more fumbling and searching
  • biix provides a much improved down-time response for mission critical facilities. For example, instant location of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manuals, as-built drawings, emergency response information (who to call), spare parts lists, etc.
  • See what's happening from anywhere in the world.
  • Use biix products to get super convenient individual asset location for O&M teams - using smart-floorplans and virtual tours.


  • biix for Buildings - 'the' go-to third-party cloud-based integration platform for buildings worldwide, through an open standards database and the use of COBieLite.
  • We save developers time - it becomes cheaper and easier to connect your app to biix than to develop your own stand-alone app. Developers get easier access to information, far MORE information, actually, along with the ability to easily exchange information. Connecting to biix gives developers wider exposure.
  • biix will provide integration with manufacturer's through the buildingSmart Alliance's SPie open standard (chaired by Dr. Bill East). This would provide cloud-based nameplate data, IOM (Installation, Operation & Maintenance) manuals, product information and more. YouTube video about SPie >


  • biix continues to maintain our leadership as the first open-standards, COBieLite compatible commissioning and facility platform in the world.
  • We chair and hold key positions in the world of standards for buildings, e.g., OBIX (Open Building Information eXchange) Technical Committee, chaired by CTO Toby Considine.
  • We stay on top of cutting edge national building standards, through established on-going leadership roles within organizations such as the National Institute of Building Sciences. That way, our users don't have to worry about technically complex behind-the-scenes details. biix makes it easy.


biix motto: simple, clean & easy

biix will always honor our commitment to making things simple, clean & easy - by helping smart buildings and smart people get even smarter - through intuitive workflow, and by constantly focusing on better and better interoperability.

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