biix has developed the Five Levels of Commissioning concept

An Industry First - 'Levels' of Commissioning

A Way to Measure Results
biix provides a method to quantify the thoroughness of the commissioning effort, by offering five (5) levels of commissioning. More importantly, it provides building owners and operators with practical, useful, up-to-date information - right now. This can save an enormous amount of time and labor later.

Plus, with biix, it is easy to measure the robustness of the information of your project or your building. Did you have what you need? Is it organized and accessible? Can others access it when they need it? Is excellent security protecting your information?


The Five Levels of Commissioning are not designed to replace the conventional commissioning processes. Rather, they are a layer superimposed above the commissioning process. The Five Levels are designed to increase the value of commissioning in practical ways.

Built-In Functionality

The term 'Five Levels' is not apparent within biix. It's all built into the five sections encompassing each asset's individual form:

  1. Basic Asset Information
  2. Nameplate Information
  3. Resources
  4. Operation & Maintenance
  5. Systems Verification.

Measurable Results!

Practical Informationfor Everyday Use!


What are 'Levels' of Commissioning?

Well, first of all it is not levels of complexity. Instead, it is something far more practical. biix's levels of commissioning provide both useful ways to measure commissioning's results and, more importantly, provides additional levels of thoroughness and everyday usefulness. And usefulness counts.

biix Cx transforms commissioning from dry and tired data stored in 3-ring binders or dusty PDFs, into dynamic, handy information from day one. biix's levels of commissioning makes a Smart Building even smarter. By making you smarter.

Basic Levels or Modules

Level 100 - Asset Information

  • Provides basic individual asset information, location, etc.
  • Provides individual asset depreciation

Level 200 - Nameplate Information

  • Provides more comprehensive asset information, including nameplate data
  • Includes warranty and contact information

Level 300 - Resources

  • Provides valuable design, construction, BMS, SOO's, -lines, as-builts, executed commissioning & TAB docs, etc. information - a click away

Level 400 - Operations & Maintenance

  • Provides maintenance forms, checklists, training videos, SOPs and more

Level 500 - Systems Verification

  • Provides ready-made and blank Cx and RCx test forms, scripts, sign-offs, Cx Plan and Final Report templates and related Cx documentation

Optional/Advanced Modules

  • Virtual Reality Tours
  • Floor Plan Navigation to Assets
  • Deployment of biix smartTags
  • Cloud-based Daily Rounds
  • Cloud-based PM forms

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